#8 Econo Alchemist | Burn the Bridge With Self Custody

The Bitcoin Path
#8 Econo Alchemist | Burn the Bridge With Self Custody

Joining me today is Econoalchemist.

Econo Alchemist is a solid Bitcoiner who has made some excellent contributions on his website www.EconoAlchemist.com with a focus on self-custody, censorship resistance and building a non-kyc bitcoin on-ramp. You can follow him on twitter @econoalchemist to find more of his work.

In this show we have an extremely insightful conversation about the following topics.

  • What inspired him to focus so much on bitcoin self-custody and censorship resistance.
  • What he thinks about coin-joining KYC (Know Your Customer) bitcoin.
  • Why he is an avid user and proponent of samurai wallet.
  • Outlining the process of self custody for a new-coiner.
  • I also ask about some recommendations he would have for someone moving to a mobile lifestyle to secure their bitcoin.

Here are some of the resources we mention in this episode:

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Until next time, may you live a meaningful life and enjoy your freedom as a sovereign individual.

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