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“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
– Victor Hugo
Bitcoin is an idea whose time has come. The current debt based monetary system that depends on centralized economic control is fading in relevance and we are witnessing the global shift to a free market based on hard money. This phase change involves remarkable implications for our world.
 As we watch it all play out, many of us are inspired to seek knowledge and acquire new skills to better navigate this changing world. Connecting with mentors, teachers, and others who are on the same journey is proving to be a valuable way to learn. Our mission is to facilitate this process with fun and unique educational experiences.
This deep dive is radically transforming lives. Expect a paradigm shift intellectually and even spiritually as we learn together.

Join us.

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#23 Blake @LogicalBitcoinr | Bitcoin’s Total Addressable Market

#23 Blake @LogicalBitcoinr | Bitcoin’s Total Addressable Market

I’m very excited to introduce you all to Blake. He and I met at the Bit Block Boom Conference in Dallas this last august. I was interested to hear his perspective and thoughts on what exactly the total addressable market of Bitcoin actually is. I think you’ll enjoy our chat. Find out more about Blake …

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