#7 @ck_SNARKs | Iron Sharpens Iron

The Bitcoin Path
The Bitcoin Path
#7 @ck_SNARKs | Iron Sharpens Iron

I’m thrilled to introduce CK for today’s pod.

CK is product manager and prolific content creator at Bitcoin Magazine, host of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, FedWatch with Ansel Lindner, as well as the POV Crypto Podcast where he is the token “Bitcoiner.”

CK and I have an intense conversation about

  • Conspiracies, social engineering attacks, and sheeple accepting truth from top down authorities.
  • The toxicity and looser mindset of the victim mentality that comes along with many libertarian ideologies.
  • How the money you adopt effects every single aspect of your life.
  • How iron sharpens iron. Orienting around bitcoin challenges us to improve ourselves and our work.
  • How an orientation around bitcoin is truly closer to reality and some observations of that orientation starting to propagate into the mainstream.
  • Why CK is always trying to question reality, and what he means by a “know nothing” world view.
  • Bitcoin maximalism and CK’s take on the role of shitcoins in the world of Bitcoin.

Be sure to follow CK on Twitter at @ck_SNARKs.

It was a privilege to talk to Ck and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

With The Bitcoin Path, my goal is to grow my understanding about Bitcoin and help others do the same with podcasts and private events. In the podcasts I get to sit down for deep discussions with some of the great people in the community. The events give you the opportunity to go deeper down the rabbit hole in a compressed amount of time with personal guidance from well respected Bitcoin educators.

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