#6 Gigi | It’s Bitcoin or Bust, Baby

The Bitcoin Path
#6 Gigi | It’s Bitcoin or Bust, Baby

I’m thrilled to have Gigi join me for today’s pod.

Gigi is a bitcoiner and Austrian, writing words and code for Bitcoin. His first book, 21 Lessons, is one of the most recommended books among bitcoiners. He has launched various projects in the bitcoin space and is currently working on his second book called 21 Ways. His main focus is on privacy, security, free software, open-source education, and of course: bitcoin.

We get into some fascinating discussion around

  • The “prismatic” nature of identity.
  • The value of personal privacy and the what the world looks like as the bitcoin circular economy grows and flourishes.
  • The value of Bitcoin as a final settlement payments system.
  • The tension between the investment side of the community and the privacy/sovereignty focused Bitcoiners.
  • How Bitcoin combines the best of ledger based money and token based money.
  • The potential dark side of bitcoinization and what blind spots we might have at the moment.
  • Gigi’s perspective on talking to people who are still deeply embedded in the “legacy system.”
  • Memes and the symbiotic relationship between idea structures and their human hosts. Is there a point where the the bitcoin organism doesn’t need humans any more?

You can learn more about Gigi and see his latest work by going to https://dergigi.com and following him on Twitter @dergigi.

Links we mention in the episode:

  • Jameson Lopp’s curated Bitcoin resources: https://Bitoin.Page
  • Gigi’s curated Bitcoin resources: https://BitcoinResources.com

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

With The Bitcoin Path, my goal is to grow my understanding about Bitcoin and help others do the same with podcasts and private events. In the podcasts I get to sit down for deep discussions with some of the great people in the community. The events give you the opportunity to go deeper down the rabbit hole in a compressed amount of time with personal guidance from well respected Bitcoin educators.

The opportunity cost for not understanding Bitcoin is staggering and it’s growing by the day.

More about the upcoming Cosmic Deep Dive online event is here.

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*Intro and outro music is the song Hearts, graciously licensed to us by Blackbird Blackbird. Be sure to check out his other great songs on Spotify!

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