#4 Aleks Svetski | The Toppling State and Rise of Private Cities

The Bitcoin Path
The Bitcoin Path
#4 Aleks Svetski | The Toppling State and Rise of Private Cities

I’m thrilled to have Aleks Svetski on the pod today.

Aleks is the CEO of Amber App (https://amber.app/) and editor at The Bitcoin Times. He is a passionate author and educator about Bitcoin, money, philosophy, business, startups and entrepreneurship. You can learn more about what he’s up to by following him on twitter @alekssvetski and read his most recent articles at his medium page https://svetski.medium.com/.

We have a truly fascinating discussion about:

  • The relentless pursuit of truth as an essential part for anyone who wants to be a free and independent thinker in a world of growing misinformation, propaganda, and scams.
  • The danger and idiocy of isolating one aspect of a complicated system which is how most of the established institutions attempt to solve problems, thus creating more problems as a result.
  • How the large tech monopolies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google actually came into existence, and why their dominance is not a function of free market capitalism, but instead a result of the fiat infused top down monetary system.
  • The opportunities that failed states leave for future wealthy Bitcoin entrepreneurs as they continue the path towards toppling over their own weight as parasitic entities.
  • The likelihood of more countries and smaller jurisdictions succeeding from overbearing regimes in the coming decade as centralized nation states overreach their control.
  • How quickly broad sweeping changes can occur in society do to their mimetic nature and the dynamic properties of life.
  • What roll private cities could play in preserving or restoring free societies the wake of the failed governments when there is nothing left for them to feed off of.
  • What are some options that Bitcoiners have in order to best prepare for the times ahead.
  • The second amendment and whether it helps the US to be a bastion for individual liberty.

I had a blast talking to Aleks, I hope you enjoy listening in.

With The Bitcoin Path, my goal is to grow my understanding about Bitcoin and help others do the same with podcasts and private events. In the podcasts I get to sit down for deep discussions with some of the great people in the community. The events give you the opportunity to go deeper down the rabbit hole in a compressed amount of time with personal guidance from well respected Bitcoin educators.

The opportunity cost for not understanding Bitcoin is staggering and it’s growing by the day.

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