#15 Cory Klippsten | Networking in Bitcoin Land and Beyond

The Bitcoin Path
#15 Cory Klippsten | Networking in Bitcoin Land and Beyond

In this episode, I get to share with you conversation with Cory Klippsten.

For those of you who don’t know Cory, he is the founder of SwanBitcoin.com and GiveBitcoin.io. He also serves as an advisor to Unchained Capital and Riot Blockchain and is a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures. As an advisor he has supported more than $250M of fundraising since 2016, and as an angel has invested in more than 20 VC-backed tech companies.

  • In our conversation I talk with Cory in depth about his what inspired him to become so highly focused on networking and what practical strategies he has implemented throughout his career.
  • This is an amazing resource for those of us who are looking to grow our own social and professional networks to expand our influence and contribute to Bitcoin’s growth at the same time.
  • We also talk about clubhouse and how Cory thinks that it holds the potential for extreme growth as a platform this year.

Cory is an exceptional conversationalist and I wanted to include our pre-show conversation of this episode to showcase this.

Be sure to follow Cory on twitter @CoryKlippsten and check out SwanBitcoin.com for setting up your personal automatic dollar cost average as well as one time purchases of Bitcoin.

6 Degrees of Lois Weisberg by Malcom Gladwell http://croker.harpethhall.org/Must%20Know/Psychology/WeisbergGladwell.pdf

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*Intro and outro music is the song Hearts, graciously licensed to us by Blackbird Blackbird. Be sure to check out his other great songs on Spotify!

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